Working Abroad Spotlight: Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a popular choice for professionals of all types looking to gain the experience of working abroad. Especially in today’s challenging global job market.

The Types of Teaching Roles Overseas

English Teachers have jobs available all over the world. This can involve teaching youngsters from 8-18, university students, professionals looking to improve their English. It is hard to put a finger on the most popular destinations to teach English in, but China and Korea are emerging as hotspots for teaching English abroad, due to the lucrative packages there.Working Abroad - Teaching English

Along with standard pay, those teaching English abroad will often also get housing allowance. This is an important factor to consider when looking at your contract, as accommodation overseas can be expensive. Other perks for those teaching abroad can include flight assistance and visa sponsorship – take all of this into consideration when choosing your teaching job.

Common Requirements for Teaching English Abroad

A respected third-level qualification is often required when teaching English. On top of this, ESL teachers will also need to a certificate from TEFL or TESOL in most cases – certainly at the better language schools. Official job contracts and proper Visa documentation are often required in order to become an English teacher overseas. That being said, there are institutions abroad that will accept little or no qualifications. Be careful with these places, as there may be a catch.

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